Dive Holidays

All of our holidays and trips are escorted by a member of the Seastyle team, this enables us to help you get the most from your chosen holiday or break, whether it's your first trip or you are a Seastyle holiday veteran by having a friendly and familiar face around helps you relax and enjoy your diving.

Whether you're traveling with friends or on your own, we'd like to tempt you to join us on our affordable holidays. Just relax or take the opportunity to improve your dive skills with a course or two, as well as make a whole bunch of new friends.

All our oversea's trips are booked through the renowned and award winning scuba travel company - Scuba Travel, even if you can not join us on one of our holidays we are happy to advise and assist you with the booking of your chosen holiday.


UK Dive Trips 2017

  • Shetland  - Aboard the MV Halton (TRIP FULL)
  • St Johns Southern Red Sea Egypt - Aboard MV Hurricane 15th - 22nd November 2017 (TRIP FULL)
  • Northern Wrecks & Reefs - Aboard Whirlwind 26th November - 3rd December 2017 


MV Hurricane


MV Halton